HinderRUST Preserves, Protects Metals

HinderRUST Preserves, Protects Metals

HinderRUST provides a long-lasting boundary film between metal and moisture, and can be easily applied by sprayers, aerosols, rollers or brushes.

When projects are cancelled mid-stream or after materials are purchased, concerns about rusting metals become a reality. HinderRUST by Fluoramics offers a variety of solutions for maintaining the integrity of metals.

HinderRUST provides a long-lasting boundary film between metal and moisture. It is easily applied by sprayers, aerosols, rollers or brushes and can be applied at any stage of construction.

Fluoramics offers three versions of HinderRUST:

  • R2.0, which is a short-term, removable version that is ideal for metal parts that are manufactured and waiting to go into service, or that will need to be painted;
  • S4.0 is the standard version for use on metals under cover and is perfect for equipment maintenance, electronics protection and pre-assembly protection. S4.0 is also weld-through approved; and
  • HV100, a heavy-duty version for extreme weather conditions. It will thicken over time and provide a thin wax-like barrier of added protection.

As an added benefit, HinderRUST lubricates while it protects against corrosion. That means nuts/bolts, anchor bolts and other hardware remain workable while waiting to be installed.

For more info: fluoramics.com

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