Hot Shot’s Secret Never Rust Lubricant

Hot Shot’s Secret Introduces Never Rust Lubricant

Never Rust protects metal surfaces and is ideal for use on nuts and bolts, cables and chains, tools, parts and much more.

Hot Shot’s Secret Never Rust Lubricant is a new multi-purpose, 100% synthetic spray lubricant that protects metal parts from rust and corrosion significantly longer.

Formulated by Lubrication Specialties Inc., manufacturer of Hot Shot’s Secret high-performance oils and additives, Never Rust protects any metal surface up to 20x longer and is ideal for use on metal nuts and bolts, cables and chains, metal tools, automotive parts, door hinges, locks and much more.  

Powered by science, Lubrication Specialties waited to introduce this product until test results showed a significant improvement in rust protection results. Tested against 13 well-known spray lubricants for corrosion prevention using a Salt Fog Chamber test (ASTM Method B-117), results demonstrated that Never Rust Lubricant prevented rust 20x longer than even top brands — a total of 2,700 hours within the salt fog chamber, according to the company.

Engineered to be effective in extreme temperatures with an operating temperature range of -65° to 300°F, Never Rust can be used in any climate or for any metal application — automotive, industrial, marine, powersports, agriculture or heavy duty. Use it for any application at home or in a professional repair facility where long-term protection from rust and corrosion is needed.

Highly resistant to water washout, it will not dry out, separate or bleed on equipment. Never Rust Lubricant provides exceptional rust protection and is backed by a 100% money-back guarantee.  

In addition to rust prevention, Never Rust can be used to remove gummy labels, tape or stickers and is compatible to use with most seals, except for EDPM rubber. To apply, simply shake the 9 oz. aerosol can, hold the spray tip 8 to 10 in. from the metal surface and then spray evenly.

For complete laboratory test results and more information on Hot Shot’s Secret’s engine lubrication products, performance fuel and oil additives and specialty oils visit To speak directly with a Hot Shot’s Secret highly qualified technician, call toll free 800-341-6516.

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