Humble Mechanic: Touareg Window Coding

The Humble Mechanic: Touareg Window Coding

We all like to see what cool stuff we can do with our scan tools, so let’s check out some coding changes that we can make to a Volkswagen Touareg.

We all like to see what cool stuff we can do with our scan tools, so let’s check out some coding changes that we can make to a Volkswagen Touareg.

A popular one is programming the windows to go up and down with the remote. To do this, we are going to be changing the long coding of the convenience module, address word 46 (Figure 1).

As with all coding changes, be sure the very first thing you do is copy the original coding. In fact, it’s a good idea to just run a full scan on the car and get all of the information out of it. We’re going to go to address word 46 and we’ll then go into long coding and use our long coding helper (Figure 2).

In Figure 3, you can see the bytes of the long coding. We’ll go into byte two and click on bit two, “remote control active.” This is going to turn on the convenience open and close feature with the remote.

You can see that there are a bunch of other things that we can change. If you don’t know exactly what you’re changing or why you’re changing it, I recommend not doing a bunch of things at one time. Do one function at a time, code it and then see what happens.

Once we have that bit highlighted, we are going to hit exit and then that’ll pop up our new coding. In the red boxes (Figure 4) you can see the two differences of our coding. Once we hit “do it,” it will accept the code. After the coding has been accepted, perform a key cycle. 

Next, we’ll go to the screen in the center console of the car (Figure 5). Hit the “car” button, go into “settings,” slide down to find “vehicle key” and click that button. Then you select front windows and rear windows or one or the other, whatever you like, and then go back to the main menu.

Do another key cycle of the vehicle, and now it’s time to test the windows. They should work by holding the lock or unlock button, depending on whether you want the windows to go up or down.

So with that, let me know what other coding changes you want to see. I’m going to keep digging and see if I can find anything else. 

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