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Induction Innovations Advises When to Replace Mini-Ductor Induction Heating Coils

While each coil will last for several hundred uses or more, subject to use, one sign that coils need to be replaced is if the fabric becomes noticeably brown.


The effectiveness and safety of Mini-Ductor Venom and Mini-Ductor II portable induction heaters are contingent on the state of the coils used with them.

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Mini-Ductor Coils: Needing Replacement (left) and new

According to the manufacturer, Induction Innovations, many users don’t realize that these coils need to be replaced over time. But how do you know when to do so, and where can you go to buy them?

Coil Replacement

Mini-Ductor coils are manufactured in a variety of lengths and sizes to fit inaccessible areas. Standard coils need to be replaced anytime that the metal underneath the fabric coating becomes exposed — otherwise, you can get sparking and the possibility for fire, which defeats the purpose of using induction heating in lieu of a torch.

Another sign that coils need to be replaced is if the fabric becomes noticeably brown. Each coil will last for several hundred uses or more subject to use.

Mini-Ductor Bearing Buddy old coil that needs to be replaced

Bearing Buddy coils are much longer (41” to 96”) than standard coils. They need to be replaced when metal becomes exposed and/or turns brownish like standard coils, but also when they become brittle since they are made of finely twisted copper, according to Induction Innovations.

Where to Buy Replacement Coils

Mini-Ductor coils are available for sale through all of domestic and international partners of Induction Innovations.

If you would prefer to buy them directly from Induction Innovations, coils are available in the online store on the Induction Innovations website.


However, the company emphasizes that it sells them at the same price as its channel partners — although its partners offer additional discounts from sales promotions, product bundling, free shipping or otherwise. So be sure to check with the Induction Innovations partner near you first.



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