Ingersoll Rand High Speed Reactionless Ratchet
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Ingersoll Rand Redesigns High Speed Reactionless Ratchet

This new ratchet protects the operator’s knuckles and fingers from kick back while quickly completing the job.


Bloody knuckles from pneumatic ratchets are a thing of the past. Ingersoll Rand has introduced the 1211MAX Series High Speed Ratchet, a pneumatic ratchet with the power and speed to run off bolts without pummeling the technician’s knuckles.

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“It’s time to revisit the pneumatic ratchet,” says David Dobersztyn, senior global product manager, Ingersoll Rand. “Many automotive techs abandoned the powered ratchet because the tool’s reaction resulted in bloody, painful knuckles. Ingersoll Rand has designed the new 1211MAX ratchet with a twin hammer impact mechanism that is reactionless, but still provides the power and speed necessary for maximum bolt tightening and loosening.” 

Running off bolts is faster than ever with the Ingersoll Rand 1211MAX Series High Speed Ratchet. It has 80 foot-pounds of nut-busting torque and produces 625 revolutions per minute (RPMs), speeds two times greater than other powered ratchets and three times faster than its previous generation, according to the company. 

Available in 3/8” or 1/2” drive models the 1211MAX ratchet employs a unique twin hammer reactionless impact mechanism that protects the operator’s knuckles and fingers from kick back while quickly completing the job. Moreover, once it has reached its torque limit, the operator can add a last touch of torque manually using the tool’s true ratcheting mechanism. 

“Time is of the essence for auto technicians who want to ‘make rate.’ With its best-in-class speed, power and ergonomic design, the Ingersoll Rand 1211MAX delivers greater productivity and safety,” Dobersztyn adds. “It’s small, speedy and offers a no-compromise combination of power and versatility for automotive repair applications that require robust performance in tight spaces.” 


Operator comfort and safety are at the heart of the design of the 1211MAX ratchet. Weighing just over 3 lbs., it is small enough to use one-handed in tight spaces, yet still capable of executing a high number of duty cycles each day. The simplicity of its air motor lightens the tool’s weight compared to electric options leading to less operator fatigue throughout the day when moving from application to application. An ergonomic design with a compact, straight-line composite handle and contoured trigger maximizes comfort, control and accessibility since it fits into tight spaces.

The 1211MAX is built with premium components and serviceability that keep maintenance costs low and is covered by a two-year warranty.

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