Ingersoll Rand Releases 3-Inch Cordless Cut-Off Tool

Ingersoll Rand Releases 3-Inch Cordless Cut-Off Tool

Ingersoll Rand has extended its line of IQV Series cordless tools again to include the GC25 cut-off tool. As the first of its kind, the GC25 3-inch cordless cut-off tool joins a platform of tools that already includes several models of Impactools, drill/drivers, ratchets, grinders and lights.

Ingersoll Rand has extended its line of IQV Series cordless tools again to include the GC25 cut-off tool. As the first of its kind, the GC25 3-inch cordless cut-off tool joins a platform of tools that already includes several models of Impactools, drill/drivers, ratchets, grinders and lights.

Developed for automotive and industrial professionals, the 14.4-volt GC25 is compatible with standard 3-inch cutting wheels up to 1/16" thick for light-duty cutting jobs, including muffler and exhaust cutting, bolt cutting, tube cutting and general sheet metal cutting and trimming. The lightweight GC25 weighs less than two pounds and has a powerful 0.35 horsepower motor.

“As the first of its kind on the market, this cut-off tool is a great addition to the toolbox,” said Christian Corrigan, Ingersoll Rand global marketing manager for cordless tools. “Cut-off tools are typically the tool of choice for quick and accurate metal cutting jobs. The GC25 provides that same level of versatility, but with an added bonus of being cordless for untethered control and mobility.”

Like the IQV Series grinders, the GC25 features a microprocessor-controlled motor. By continuously monitoring tool operation and motor temperature, the microprocessor warns the user by “pulsing” the motor on and off continuously if the tool begins to overheat. If the maximum temperature limit is reached, the microprocessor disables the tool until it cools to the optimum range. By ensuring the tool is always operating optimally, the protection feature prevents misuse, improves battery run time, and drastically prolongs tool life.

The GC25 is also easy to use. With a variable speed trigger and adjustable guard, the tool delivers excellent control and ease-of-access in tight work areas.

Like all IQV Series tools, the GC25 is complemented by the world’s best cordless tool battery technology. All IQV Series batteries feature onboard battery electronics that allow operators to choose between lithium-ion and nickel-cadmium batteries and charge either chemistry with the same charger. The IQV charger is compatible with all IQV batteries, regardless of chemistry or voltage.

Constructed with superior cell technologies, all IQV batteries offer best-in-class recharge life in addition to the patent-pending IQV Grip interface. The innovative twist-to-lock design outperforms conventional batteries in durability and convenience by preventing normal wear and tear to mounts and clips.

Even the housing of the GC25 is innovative. Patent-pending venting keeps the motor cool, while directing cutting chips away from the tool. The GC25 also features an engineered composite housing designed to withstand inadvertent drops and the effects of fluid and chemical spills typical in the harsh environments of industrial facilities and automotive shops.

To complement their revolutionary technology and robust engineering, Ingersoll Rand offers a free extended warranty with registration. The IQV Warranty includes a one-year hassle-free tool and charger replacement; and a two-year or 1,000-charges limited battery warranty.

“We realize that our customers are professionals who need their tools to do their jobs,” said Corrigan. “The IQV Warranty is a way for us to share our confidence in the quality of our products and make sure we keep our customers satisfied.”

For more details on the Ingersoll Rand GC25 cordless cut-off tool, see your local tool professional, call (800) 376-TOOL or visit

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