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Injectronic scan tool OBDII


Tackle Any Diagnostic Scenarios with Injectronic’s CJ7S

A scan tool that accepts additional hardware to expand its functionality.


It is increasingly important to have versatile equipment that operates in all kinds of needs, and that can grow to accommodate new ones. The equipment of the future will no longer be just scanning, as they depend on serial communication of the OBDII connector, and each computer covers a certain need and capabilities.

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Injectronic’s CJ7S scan tool offers a design concept that is based on the complete operation being found in an easy-to-operate, portable device that accepts additional hardware to expand its functionality. This allows the technician to become more familiar with its operation and use it in each scenario within the same ecosystem. In this way, the technician will be able to acquire modules that are equivalent to continuously buying scanners that, in many cases, duplicate or overlap the coverages.

Now with the CJ7S, the technician will be able to communicate with the computers of the cars in scan mode, capture signals from sensors and actuators in oscilloscope mode, test batteries with conductance technology, and allow you to use Bluetooth modules of any brand that operates with Android.

Future modules will include heavy-duty vehicles, extended scanner coverage, J2534, TPMS and more. 

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