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ISN Appoints Tim Kolbus to CEO

Integrated Supply Network (ISN), an international automotive tool, equipment and supplies distributor, announced on Jan. 2, 2020, that Tim Kolbus will assume the role of CEO.

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Prior to his appointment to CEO, Kolbus served the organization as chief supply chain officer. Kolbus held several senior leadership roles with Arrow Electronics prior to joining ISN, spending much of his career developing end to end supply chain solutions for Arrows partners similar to how ISN is developing it’s partnerships with the top manufacturers and customers in the automotive tool, equipment and supplies space.

Tim Kolbus

“Kolbus has a proven track record of developing cost efficient digital marketplace, distribution and delivery solutions that allow supplier partners and customers to focus on their core strengths while conserving capital,” said Bruce Weber, former CEO. “We are thrilled that Tim will be at that helm of ISN to increase our operational competitiveness through a combination of solutions innovation, technology and rigor. His breadth of leadership experience and team building will be invaluable to ISN as we rapidly expand in 2020 and beyond.”

With this announcement, Weber will become executive chairman of the board where he will be an active board member and lead partner on ISN’s aggressive acquisition roadmap.

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