Jenny Electric Two-Stage, Vertical-Tank Compressors
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Jenny Offers Electric 2-Stage, Vertical-Tank Compressors

The two-stage vertical-tank stationary line is powered by a one-phase or three-phase electric motor providing 2-10 hp.


Jenny Products, Inc., a long-time manufacturer of portable and stationary compressors, offers a line of electric two-stage, vertical-tank stationary air compressors. Especially suited for applications requiring greater pressure, the two-stage models provide 175 psi and displace between 9.1 and 43.6 cfm.

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Each of the line’s 16 models encompass a smaller footprint than their horizontal-tank counterpart while maintaining the quality and durability of Jenny’s complete compressor inventory of more than 175 units. Each compressor uses a heavy-duty, two-stage cast-iron pump and powder-coated, ASME certified tank. A large flywheel provides for extra-cooling and easier startup, while special unloading valves further assist the motor in starting. A directional air shroud helps reduce pump temperatures, and a thermal-overload protection feature prevents the motor from drawing too much current and overheating.

The two-stage vertical-tank stationary line is powered by a one-phase or three-phase electric motor providing between 2 and 10 horsepower. Tank sizes include 60, 80 and 120 gallons. The 2-horsepower models displace 9.1 and 13.4 cfm at 175 psi. At 3 horsepower, units displace 12.2 and 13.4 cfm, and 5-horsepower models displace 18.3, 21.1 and 38.0 cfm. The largest compressors in the line provide 7.5 horsepower while displacing 38.0 cfm and 10 horsepower with 43.6 cfm displaced.

Each compressor is made in the United States and splash lubricated with Jenny “Ultimate Blue” Compressor Pump Oil. Among the standard features of the two-stage vertical-tank line are manual tank drains, a tank gauge, a large canister intake filter with replaceable filter elements and a pressure-relief safety valve. An automatic start/stop control with a pressure unloader helps to maintain consistent pressure levels, although a constant-run feature can be exchanged for those needing a continuous, heavy flow of compressed air. A dual-control option also is available should switching between both application features be necessary.

Optional features include an airline filter, oil sight glass, low-oil-level switch and control circuit transformer. An aftercooler will condense compressed air to a liquid and remove it from the system before it heads downstream, and adding a dryer will provide an additional benefit to those working in freezing or high-humidity conditions. An optional lubricator feature ensures proper lubrication for ratchets, impacts and similar tools, regardless of airflow levels.


With roots dating back to the 1870s, Jenny Products, Inc. has been an OEM manufacturer for several major manufacturers of air compressors. Today, Jenny manufactures and markets its own line of hand-carry, wheeled-portable and industrial-stationary air compressors. For more information on its line of equipment, contact Jenny Products, Inc., 850 North Pleasant Avenue, Somerset, PA 15501-1069, call 814-445-3400, fax 814-445-2280 or visit the website at

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