Keep Repairs And Profits In-House With Optional European Coverage For Snap-on Diagnostic Software
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Keep Repairs And Profits In-House With Optional European Coverage For Snap-on Diagnostic Software


Snap-onUnderstanding European cars can be complicated, so technicians need their diagnostic tools to be clear and accurate. The new Snap-on Diagnostic Software Upgrade 14.4 continues to increase the optional European vehicle coverage to give technicians true OEM-specific coverage on Audi, BMW, Jaguar, Land Rover, Mercedes-Benz, MINI, Porsche, Smart Car, Volkswagen and Volvo.

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“With the European coverage offered for the new Diagnostic Software Upgrade 14.4, technicians will get true Snap-on reliability, support and coverage so they never have to turn a job away because they didn’t have access to a specific vehicle system,” said Christopher Hockett, product manager, Snap-on Diagnostics. “The updated software includes dealer-level codes, data and functional tests to keep those vehicles and profits in-house.”

Highlights of the Software Upgrade 14.4 optional European coverage include:

BMW: Roof Function Center on 2006 and newer vehicles; Active Steering and Electronic Steering System on 2003 and newer vehicles; Electronic Fuel Pump Control on 2005-2012 vehicles; and Electronic Brake Bleeding on 2011 and newer 3 series.


Porsche: Expanded coverage on 1997-2002 Boxster and 1998-2004 911 including engine, transmission, ABS, airbag and instruments

Volkswagen: Auto-ID on 2008 and newer vehicles

Audi: Auto-ID on 2008 and newer vehicles

Jaguar: Body Control on 2000 and newer vehicles

This is just a taste of the optional European coverage enhancements available. Plus, Software Upgrade 14.4 includes the domestic and Asian coverage every technician and shop needs, such as One-Touch Full Vehicle Code Scans, new 2014 model year coverage for Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, GMC, Infiniti, Lexus, Mazda, Nissan, Scion, Subaru, Suzuki and Toyota vehicles, in addition to expanded coverage back to 1997 for all major makes to cover the faults most commonly seen on older cars.


Software Upgrade 14.4 offers exclusive Fast-Track Troubleshooter coverage going all the way back to 1980, with more than 12,150 new Tips and Timesavers and 24,700 Guided Component Tests. The software includes SureTrack, a comprehensive source of expert knowledge combining diagnostic experience and vehicle-specific parts replacement records, for VERUS-family products, VERDICT-family products, MODIS Ultra and SOLUS Edge.

With a Snap-on Software Subscription, technicians get Software Upgrade 14.4 now and get an entire year’s worth of software upgrades for about the same cost as buying just one upgrade. In addition to keeping diagnostic tools updated without having to think about it, the program offers lower, convenient payment options.


To learn more about the new Software Upgrade 14.4, the optional European coverage or the Snap-on Software Subscription program, visit or talk to a Snap-on representative.

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