Ken-Tool Introduces ValveCapperPRO

Ken-Tool Introduces ValveCapperPRO

The ValveCapperPro removes valve caps and valve cores on hard-to-reach dual wheels.

Ken Tool 29999 Valvecapper ProKen-Tool announces the release of its ValveCapperPRO (P/N 29999). The ValveCapperPro is four tools in one; a valve cap remover and installer as well as a valve core remover and installer. The valve core end features a patent-pending design that grips and holds the valve core to keep it in the tool safely until it is ready to be reinstalled.

The ValveCapperPRO is 11.8” long and molded from glass-filled nylon. This length allows the tool to reach to the inside dual tire’s valve stem without discomfort or risk of burns from hot wheel components. Each end of the tool features a flexible thermoplastic rubber grip. One end is designed to fit over and remove the valve cap and the other end features a valve core remover that grips and holds the valve core. Because the valve core is held in place, the chances of dropping or losing the core are reduced dramatically.

Another benefit to the ValveCapperPRO is the cap end is long enough to accommodate popular double seal, flow-through valve caps. Originally designed by a trucker, Ken-Tool is proud to report that the ValveCapperPRO is completely manufactured in the USA.

The ValveCapperPRO weighs 1.6 oz. and is available individually or in a counter-top merchandiser pack of 25 pieces (P/N 29999M). The merchandiser showcases the ValveCapperPROs in an appealing clear display and includes a tethered demo valve stem so potential customers can see how the tool works and try it for themselves.

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