Launch X-431 Throttle III Offers Extensive Vehicle Coverage

Launch X-431 Throttle III Offers Extensive Vehicle Coverage

This scan tool encompasses a wide range of functionalities to service and repair an extensive coverage list of vehicles.

The Launch X-431 Throttle III is a highly functional diagnostic scan tool that uses Wi-Fi and SmartLink VCI connectivity. It is aimed at assisting the modern technician in all aspects of new age vehicle repair and diagnostics. This includes OE-level, accurate vehicle diagnostics, ADAS calibrations, IMMO functionality, remote tech-to-tech collaborative diagnostics, FCA security, gateway access and compliance, heavy-duty truck diagnostics and more.

The Launch X-431 Throttle III is classified as a professional-level automotive diagnostic scan tool that encompasses a wide range of functionalities to service and repair an extensive coverage list of European, Asian and domestic vehicles.

The Android-based software platform is designed to identify issues instantly and provide the technician relevant information and data that will be used to provide OE-quality repairs, conclusively and accurately.

The operation system is based on the Android 9.0 platform with a 2.0 gigahertz, Octacore computer processor that delivers performance and speed. The display is a 13.3-in. responsive touch screen. Memory capacity includes 8 gigabytes with up to an additional 256 gigabytes of storage. Camera functionality is an 8 megapixel front with a 13 megapixel rear.

To watch a video on the Launch X-431 Throttle III, click HERE.

Some of the features in functions of the Throttle III include a topology module, which provides a snapshot of all control modules on board of vehicles and their statuses. OBD port pin detection function shows pin voltage, data rate and additional protocols to assistant communication error, when connecting to a vehicle. The scan tool has a wide range of engine operating variables that can be shown and monitored in real time to deduce intermittent faults and overall operation of various engine systems. Code Assist by Identifix, diagnostic trouble code repair and fixed database helps technic with tips and repair advice on complex and difficult cases. Real time vehicle battery voltage monitoring during live and connected diagnostics; bidirectional scan functionality; various coding and module programming capabilities; adherence to OEM vehicle communication protocols and standards; oscilloscope compatibility with add-on modules for complex electrical diagnosis with waveform analysis to deduce high-level electrical issues and repairs.

Additional add-on modules include an ADAS calibration, key programming, battery tester, TPMS service, videoscope and a sensor box.

The Launch X-431 Throttle III provides accurate OE-level diagnostics and a multitude of relevant features aimed at handling every type of repair, whether it be on the latest European, Asian or domestic vehicle on the road today.

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