Matco's Customizable Toolbox Drawer Organization Kits

Protect Your Tools with Matco’s Customizable Toolbox Drawer Organization Kits

With thousands of holes on the organization boards, technicians can arrange and rearrange tools to work faster.

Matco Tools’ exclusive toolbox drawer organization kits are a completely customizable solution that are engineered to maximize efficiencies and profitability for today’s technician.

With thousands of holes on the organization boards, technicians can arrange and rearrange tools to work faster. By holding everything in its place, technicians can better protect their investments by preventing movement in the drawer and easily seeing if a tool goes missing.

Organization kits are available for every toolbox within the Matco Tools line — including the 4S, 5S, 6S and new Revel and RevelX toolboxes. Matco Tools No. ORGKIT-R25, ORGKIT-R28, ORGKIT-425, ORGKIT-525, ORGKIT-625, ORGKIT528, ORGKIT-628, ORGKIT-631.

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