Mercedes-Benz Tech Tip: Implausible Oil Level Messages

Mercedes-Benz Tech Tip: Implausible Oil Level Messages

You may encounter instances on any of the subject models where the engine oil level is OK, but the instrument cluster is displaying any one of the following three messages: oil level below minimum; oil level above maximum; or engine oil level - visit workshop.

You may encounter instances on any of the subject models where the engine oil level is OK, but the instrument cluster is displaying any one of the following three messages:

• Oil level below minimum;

• Oil level above maximum; or

• Engine oil level — visit workshop.

Affected Vehicles:
Models 129, 170, 202, 208, 210, 215 and 220 with M112, 113 or 137 engines.

Note: To avoid unnecessary replacements, perform the following steps before replacing the oil level sensor:

Service Procedure:
1. Check if the engine has the appropriate oil dipstick. Correct the oil dipstick if necessary. Disregard this step if the engine is not equipped with oil dipstick (i.e. 137 engine).

2. Check if the oil level is correct using the proper oil dipstick. Use DAS to check the oil level in engines without an oil dipstick. Correct the oil level if necessary.

3. Check if the correct oil data is stored in the instrument cluster.

Procedure for checking and correcting oil data:

a. Hook up the DAS.

b. Select vehicle mode.

c. Select instrument cluster.

If the oil data is incorrect, change the oil data in the instrument cluster by performing steps d-g.

d. Select control unit settings.

e. Select coding or variant coding.

f. Select engine or engine variant.

g. Save data.

4. Check for DTCs in the engine control unit. If an oil level sensor fault code has been stored, perform the following steps.

a. If three fault codes (P2039, P2040 and P2041) are stored in the engine control unit:

• The oil level sensor connector is plugged incorrectly or partially plugged. Correct the connection.

• The wiring harness is damaged (short circuit); replace it.

• The oil level sensor is defective; replace it.

b. If any one or two of the above-mentioned fault codes are stored in the engine control unit, replace the oil level sensor.

5. Check the oil level sensor (A004 153 53 28) for the production date. For oil level sensors with production dates up to and including 00W51, implausible over-filling warnings can occur when water temperature reaches 60 to 70° C. Oil level sensors with production dates of 00W52 and after are OK.

Note: If you encounter instances of leaky oil level sensors or oil pans on any of the subject models, check for leaks between the oil sensor and oil pan. Replace the seal, P/N A023 997 43 48, if it’s found to be damaged. Lightly oil the seal when installing it. Check the oil pan holes for rough or sharp edges. Remove them if any are found; or, if necessary, replace the oil pan.

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Technical service bulletin courtesy of IDENTIFIX.

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