Michelin XDA5 Tire's Tread Technology Delivers Increased Life
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Michelin XDA5 Tire’s Tread Technology Delivers Increased Life

Michelin’s revolutionary new commercial truck drive tire, the Michelin XDA5, has been engineered using Michelin Durable Technologies to dramatically increase the tire’s service life by 30 percent or more, while maintaining performance.

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Michelin is marking the XDA5 tire’s entrance into the marketplace with a guarantee that the tire will outlast the drive tire it replaces by at least 30 percent. If the tire does not achieve a minimum of 30 percent increased service life, Michelin will credit double the amount of the price difference between the XDA5 tire and the tire it replaced. Details regarding the guarantee program are available at www.michelintruck.com.

“This guarantee makes a strong statement about our confidence in the tire and Michelin Durable Technologies,” said Marc Laferriere, vice president of marketing, Michelin Americas Truck Tires. “For operators that are seeking a tire with a significantly longer service life without compromising performance, we are certain that the Michelin XDA5 tire will deliver exactly what they are looking for. In fact, this may well be the last drive tire they’ll ever need.”


Michelin uses design and manufacturing techniques to mold the tread of the XDA5 tire in three dimensions. As the tire wears, the tread reveals new grooves and tread blocks effectively giving the tire a second life — self-regenerating to improve wet, worn traction. This regenerating tread design keeps the tire in service longer before retreading, providing the impressive 30 percent improvement in tread life over all drive tires that are commercially available. That translates into improved safety and lower costs for fleets and owner operators across North America.

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