Minimizer Launches New Tire Mask Product Making Wheel and Rim Refurbish a Snap

Minimizer Launches New Tire Mask Product Making Wheel and Rim Refurbish a Snap

Minimizer introduces Minimizer Tire Mask, which transforms the look of wheels with great ease.

Minimizer Tire Mask is a user-friendly kit that allows heavy-duty truck owners and operators and maintenance departments to paint their wheels in a few simple steps.

Painting heavy-duty truck rims can be a tedious, time-consuming task. But Minimizer Tire Mask reduces masking and cleanup time dramatically. Now, even the oldest of rims can look brand new.

Minimizer Tire Mask will deliver the same quality and dependability that people have come to expect from Minimizer.

The Minimizer Tire Mask kit comes with a Tire Mask that protects tires from paint and primer overspray. The Minimizer Tire Mask installs on the outside of the rim, covering the tire, so you can spray the entire rim with a primer and paint. Additional options include a Rim Shield and Hubb Cap protector to ensure a precise paint job on all wheel components.

“Quality and ease are characteristics of Minimizer that we pride ourselves on,” said Minimizer CEO Craig Kruckeberg. “Our customers work in a tough industry so we are always pleased to provide products that help to simplify all the difficult work they do. We are excited to launch Minimizer Tire Mask as the latest addition in our ever growing line of aftermarket heavy-duty trucking accessories.”

To ensure the process goes smoothly, Minimizer created a demonstration video for users to view that is available by clicking here. The product is available for purchase from Minimizer’s international network of authorized distributors. It also includes Minimizer’s new VMRS codes.

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