Mountain Two-Post Lifts Offer Free Installation and Delivery

Mountain Two-Post Lifts Offer Free Installation and Delivery

Increase productivity and profits with the ALI-certified two-post lift with 10,000-lb. lifting capacity from Mountain.

The MTN5590 features three-stage front arms, allowing lifting both asymmetrically and symmetrically within the same service bay. A single point mechanical lock release allows the technician to disengage both columns simultaneously.

The MTN5590 now fits 12’ ceilings. Rubber door guards provide added security against door damage, along with a padded overhead shut off bar to prevent vehicle damage from being raised too high. Heavy-duty telescoping screw pads minimize the need for truck adapters by meeting a wider range of OEM-recommended pick up points.

The MTN5590 two-post lift is available in red and blue premium powder coat finishes. Delivery is included in the continental U.S., along with installation. There is a one-year warranty on parts and labor.

Mountain Equipment features the exclusive “1-Call Program.” Once the product is ordered through a qualified tool dealer, the Mountain Equipment Team will take care of everything. They can arrange delivery and installation for a hassle-free experience from start to finish.

Ask your tool dealer for more information on the MTN5590.


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