MountzPro Introduces Its True Dual Scale Torque Wrench
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MountzPro Introduces Its True Dual Scale Torque Wrench

The torque wrench is calibrated in both scales of measurement.


MountzPro introduces its true dual scale torque wrench. The patented MountzPro click wrench not only has two scales of measurement, it is also calibrated in both scales. The wrench is designed with a patented torque adjustment system that gives the tool the ability to be accurately set in either scale easily and independently

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With the MountzPro torque wrench, there is no fumbling around to adjust the torque setting between two different scales. There is no math needed to calculate and convert the torque setting between two metric and imperial systems. The operator gets the correct torque setting every time, because the MountzPro wrench is calibrated for both scales.

The durable MountzPro wrench is built with a strong steel shaft with a high corrosion resistance. The automotive torque wrench also features a bi-directional ratchet head with a push button socket release. The adjustable click wrench features a “Positive Torque Locking Knob,” which securely locks the preset torque and prevents accidental adjustment of the torque setting.


Designed and manufactured to meet or exceed the accuracy and repeatability requirements of ISO6789: 2003, MountzPro offers various torque wrench models covering a torque range from 15 up to 1,000 ft.-lbs. The tool is supplied with a certificate of calibration. Certified in both scales.

An operator can quickly and easily adjust torque settings. The MountzPro torque wrench offers an easy-to-read dual scale (American and S.I.) that is protected by a display window. The graduation collar is located on the torque handle. The handle is shaped to provide a firm, ergonomic grip.

The wrench is designed for the professional market with the goal to make fastening easy for the professional and weekend mechanic or other service technicians.


"This tool is great. The scale windows and the adjustment mechanism make it very easy to set or read the right torque that I need, and as I get older this a plus." said Scott Maynes, owner of Scott Maynes Automotive Repair in Sanford, ME.

Using a quality torque wrench makes a safer world through accuracy and precision. Controlling torque is essential for companies to ensure their product’s quality, safety and reliability isn’t compromised. The failure of a 3-cent fastener that isn’t properly tightened can lead to catastrophic or latent failures. Fasteners that are insufficiently fastened can vibrate loose and excessive torque can strip threaded fasteners.



About MountzPro

MountzPro is division of Mountz Inc. Based in San Jose, CA. Mountz provides torque tool solutions and metric fasteners to a variety of industries like aerospace, automotive, electronics, energy, medical, packaging and more.

Since 1965, Mountz Inc. has proven its in-depth knowledge of torque and torque solutions by consistently developing, producing, marketing and servicing highly sophisticated, cutting-edge tools. Mountz Inc. is an ISO 9001 registered and ISO 17025 accredited company. Mountz tools comply with ISO6789:2003 and are constructed from high-quality materials, engineered for superior reliability and safety and backed by an industry-leading warranty.


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