Mueller-Kueps releases NOX Sensor Thread Restorer
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Mueller-Kueps Releases NOX Sensor Thread Restorer

THREADING on thin ice? See how the Mueller-Kueps NOX Sensor Thread Restorer Kit can help.


Removing the old NOX sensor comes with an almost universal problem — taking it out usually damages the threads. Due to the extreme temperature differences and carbonization, damage is almost inevitable.

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A normal tap is too long inside narrow spaces and can harm the structure of the exhaust, or it can go in on an angle which gives the new sensor a wrong mounting angle and position within the exhaust. The Mueller-Kueps NOX Sensor Thread Restorer Kit was created to help the mechanic restore the threads without these concerns.

Boasting universal use for light and heavy duty diesel engines, this tool allows you to professionally restore the NOX sensor hole thread without damaging the exhaust system. The tool features an alignment guide at the front of the restorer to ensure proper angle. With an extra short body, the restorer can be used with a socket or ratchet spanner in narrow spaces.


This tool will save you time and money by reducing the time spent repairing threads, as well as ensuring you do not need to purchase a complete new exhaust system. It can also be used for the diesel particulate filter, as well as any exhaust sensor — even those located in a catalytic convertor.

Let Mueller-Kueps help you make a difficult job easier with our NOX Sensor Thread Restorer Kit.

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