New AirStrike Air Hammer Helps Shorten Repair Times

New AirStrike Air Hammer Helps Shorten Repair Times

Punch and pull components with this bi-directional air hammer.

Milton Industries Specialty Tool Group introduces the world’s first 3,000 Blows Per Minute (BPM) Bi-Directional Air Hammer / Air Puller Tool. From pounding to pulling, this pneumatic, powerhouse air tool is suitable for a wide range of applications across various industries.

The new AirStrike comes equipped with a piston air lock plug. When inserted into the front of the air hammer, it moves the energy from the front (punch) to the rear (pull), converting the tool to an incredibly powerful pneumatic puller. Plus, a vibration dampener reduces user discomfort and fatigue.

“The original 2,100 BPM bi-directional air-hammer was introduced six years ago and was very well received,” said Jeffrey Del Rossa, General Manager, Specialty Tool Group. “The new LT955AH delivers more power and a more effective rapid-fire punch and pulling format that’s ideal for pulling seals, harmonic balancers, flanges and just about anything else. The AirStrike can even separate framing lumber for the commercial and residential construction industries. Look for additional accessories to pull stuck fuel injectors and even front and rear wheel bearings for any vehicle.”

The tool’s one-handed operation lets techs hold parts with their free hand, allowing for controlled component removal without parts and fluids falling to the floor. In addition to the air lock plug and a quick release chuck, an adjustable brass air flow regulator is included to dial in the right amount of power needed for each application. This provides greater accuracy and more effective on-task results, especially for light-duty applications like pulling damaged body panels. The new compact and advanced 955AH AirStrike shows a 40 percent improvement in repair times over 2,100 BPM units.

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