New Cabin Air Filters Use An Innovative Three-Layer Technology
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New Cabin Air Filters Use An Innovative Three-Layer Technology

MANN+HUMMEL has developed a new innovative three-layer cabin air filter using polyphenol, a natural plant extract, to lock allergy causing particles (allergens) and prevent them from entering the vehicle.


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MANN-FILTER recently introduced a new innovative cabin air
filter at AAPEX in Las Vegas.

The new cabin air filter introduces a three-layer
technology. The first layer consists of a polyphenol coating that locks
allergens. A great deal of allergy-causing allergens can be found in pollen.
Those allergens split from pollen due to humid air, temperature changes, and
ultra-violet light, among other things. Due to this activity, these allergens
can enter the vehicle. The polyphenol layer locks those allergens, therefore
acting as an anti-allergen, preventing these from entering the cabin. The
second is a charcoal layer with activated carbon. This layer adsorbs odor and
toxic exhaust gas. Third layer, the dust layer, consists of non- woven material
with an anti-microbial function that removes fine dust and particles. The
anti-microbial function prevents bacteria and mold growth. The non-woven filter
media can filter particles smaller than 5 μm, which are 200 times finer than
human hair.


Polyphenol has been naturally extracted from plants.
It helps by locking allergens that are contained in pollen, mites, and other
possible allergy causing particles before entering the vehicle. Allergy season
is most prominent in the spring and fall, which could also align with filter

The new design successfully protects the cabin
environment from outside gases such as nitrogen dioxide, fuels and ozone
toxins. The cabin air filter, which differs from any type of engine filter, is
designed to keep the inside of the vehicle free from harmful contaminants.
These contaminants can consist of:




• Spores

• Pollen

• Pollution

• Dust

• Exhaust

• Gases


All MANN-FILTER cabin air filters
provide exact fit and seal specifications to various vehicles and their
applications. MANN-FILTER is constantly optimizing the filter media and
adapting them to meet increasing requirements. Choice of filter media is linked
to the vehicle manufacturer’s specification and space available in the vehicle.


Further information about MANN+HUMMEL can be found


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