News Update: Auto Value/Bumper to Bumper Provides Membership in CCPN

News Update: Auto Value/Bumper to Bumper Provides Membership in CCPN

Auto Value and Bumper to Bumper announced that in 2007, every certified service center is now officially a member of the Automotive Aftermarket Industry Association’s (AAIA) new Car Care Professionals Network (CCPN).

The CCPN was created to represent, support and improve automotive service centers and provide them with a national platform to promote communication and networking between all levels of the aftermarket channel. As an official segment of AAIA, CCPN will connect its members to other automotive service professionals, manufacturers, WDs, jobbers, distributors, program groups, retailers and state associations. This new program will offer participation in grassroots advocacy in the areas of legislation, training and education, technology, market research and consumer education.

Auto Value/Bumper to Bumper is the first group to provide its entire certified service center membership in CCPN.

Accurate Transmissions Becomes ISO 9001:2000 Certified
Accurate Transmissions Inc. recently completed and passed ISO 9001:2000, as the company strives to be the most responsive remanufacturer of transmissions and torque converters internationally — focusing on customer service and quality products.

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ALLDATA Selected As Trade Magazine Readers’ Favorite
For the fourth year in a row, ALLDATA, an AutoZone company, has been selected as a Readers’ Choice Award winner for 2006 by the readers of Babcox Publication’s Underhood Service and ImportCar magazines. This distinctive award acknowledges a company’s outstanding advertising achievements and brand recognition in the automotive marketplace.

“Of the hundreds of advertisers who seek readers’ attention, ALLDATA is among the foremost communicators in the industry,” said Publisher Jeff Stankard. “ALLDATA recognizes that repair shop owners and managers consistently cite trade magazines as the leading source of product and technical information, and when you combine an effective advertising message with a market-specific magazine, you get a marketing program that delivers results.”

Professional repair shop owners receiving Underhood Service and ImportCar magazines participated in the nationwide survey of advertising readership and advertising recall in the marketplace via Babcox research questionnaires.

ACDelco’s National Convention by the Numbers
ACDelco reported that its 2006 National Convention in Las Vegas was attended by more than 6,000 ACDelco customers – Warehouse Distributors (WDs), Total Service Support (TSS) accounts and Jobbers – as well as employees.

With a theme of “Winning Customers Together,” the 2006 ACDelco National Convention showcased the tools ACDelco provides to help build relationships and grow the business. Here is a look at the 2006 ACDelco National Convention by the numbers:

Technician of the Millennium IV: The title was awarded to Scot Manna, owner of MB Automotive, Inc., in Des Plaines, IL, who received more than $41,000 in prizes, including a 2007 General Motors’ vehicle.

Women’s Initiatives – “Knowledge is Power:” ACDelco launched its “Knowledge is Power” initiative aimed at marketing to women and capturing this important and growing segment.

Training: ACDelco offered 18 training seminars at the National Convention, including new seminars “Hydrogen: The Fuel of the Future,” “Emerging Technologies I,” “Eating Serial (Data) for Breakfast,” and “What’s Down the Hybrid Highway,” which will be available this year.

Expo: The 90,000-square-foot area at the National Convention included virtually everything ACDelco offers to help technicians and shop owners alike reach their goals and grow their businesses. Christine Frye, spouse/guest of Tony Frye, owner of Frye’s Auto Repair in Topeka, KS, was the grand-prize winner in the “Top 10 Ways to Win with ACDelco” rally, and won a guitar autographed by Billy F. Gibbons of ZZ Top.

Clevite Launches ‘Motorhead Heaven’ To Provide Performance Engine Support
Clevite Engine Parts launched a comprehensive new program called Motorhead Heaven, designed to provide performance engine builders with the technical, product and educational support they need to build winning engines and provide information for both enthusiasts and racers.

This entire program, available free of charge at, includes:

  • Complete technical product information and full catalogs for Clevite engine bearings, Clevite engine parts, Perfect Circle piston rings and Victor Reinz gaskets;

  • “Gearhead Gab,” a dedicated engine enthusiasts’ chat room monitored by Clevite;

  • “Motorsports News,” featuring timely and relevant performance and racing news;

  • A comprehensive “e-Learning” program offering extensive online instruction, testing and support on performance engine bearing, piston ring and gasket selection and installation; and

  • Information on Clevite programs, including the Clevite Nitro Club, the Clevite Engine Builders Showdown and the Victor Reinz “Machinist of the Year” competition.

McGrath NAMED President, SKF Vehicle Service Market, N.A.
SKF appointed Mike McGrath as president of the SKF Vehicle Service Market (VSM), North America. He will report to Rutger Barrdahl, president of the global SKF VSM.

McGrath will focus on managing sales activities, and continuing to build on SKF’s research and development initiatives. Under McGrath’s direction, SKF North America will also work to expand its customer relationships and solidify its leadership positions in the industry through use of the five SKF competency platforms: bearings and units; seals; lubrication; mechatronics; and services.

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