OEM Releases Branded 'Spin-On' Oil Filters

OEM Releases Branded ‘Spin-On’ Oil Filters

OEM is known as a premier source for air and cabin air filters, breather elements, fuel filters, PCV valves and cartridge oil filters. In order to complete the filtration line, "Spin-On" Oil Filters were added in June 2007.

OEM is known as a premier source for air and cabin air filters, breather elements, fuel filters, PCV valves and cartridge oil filters. In order to complete the filtration line, ‘Spin-On’ Oil Filters were added in June 2007.

This was accomplished with the recent addition of Allen Wright as Senior Product Manager. Allen brings many years of experience in development of filtration products from working for two of the leading U.S. filter manufacturers.

Allen commented, “The OEM oil filter line design features match to fit and functionality of the vehicle’s original parts. The line also reflects the consolidation of sizes recently introduced by many aftermarket filter manufacturers. Our ‘Spin-On’ oil filter line is the best in class for economy and performance for the DIY (do-it-yourself) and the DFM (do-it-for-me) markets.

"The models offered cover most of the vehicles in operation in the US, with the recommended change interval of 3,000 miles. Testing has been done at the manufacturing plants and by independent laboratories in the U.S. and abroad. We also perform regular product inspections of dimensional features, thread checks, and ‘lot’ testing for burst strength. High quality media and manufacturing insures that our filter’s efficiency, capacity, impulse fatigue resistance, and burst strength meet the demands of the application.”

For further information about OEM, visit www.oemautoparts.net.

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