OTC's Brake Service Tools Help You Get Brake Jobs Done Efficiently

OTC’s Brake Service Tools Help You Get Brake Jobs Done Efficiently

The OTC 4598 Brake Fluid Tester is specially designed for checking the moisture content within the vehicle's brake fluid. Once the unit is powered on and the metal testing probes are submerged into the brake fluid, the unit will allow technicians to easily check moisture content of brake fluid in a matter of seconds.

OTC offers a variety of brake service tools, including the Brake Fluid Tester (P/N 4598) and the Heavy-Duty Brake Drum and Rotor Puller (P/N 6980).

"Moisture enters the brake system over time through condensation, permeation through rubber lines, and many other methods," says an OTC product manager. "Once inside, it can cause corrosion in system components such as the brake caliper pistons, causing them to freeze and require replacement. Moisture can also vaporize under the high heat conditions of hard braking, causing dangerous degradation of the vehicle’s ability to stop safely. Thus it is critical to catch high moisture content brake fluid before it has time to damage more expensive brake system components. Even a small percentage of moisture content found in a brake system would benefit from having the fluid replaced."
The OTC 4598 Brake Fluid Tester is specially designed for checking the moisture content within the vehicle’s brake fluid. Once the unit is powered on and the metal testing probes are submerged into the brake fluid, the unit will allow technicians to easily check moisture content of brake fluid in a matter of seconds.
The unit features a tri-colored LED display for easy recognition that matches the moisture content with a color chart to determine brake fluid quality. (Green LED = Moisture less than 1.5% – O.K.; Yellow LED = Moisture between 1.5% and 3.0% – Consider flushing; Red LED = Moisture greater than 3.0% – Fluid should be flushed immediately). This reading can also be shared with the customer as a definitive reason to service the fluid in the system.
Ergonomically designed with a universal fit, the pen style design easily fits most master cylinder fill ports, offering technicians and shop owners a very quick, easy, and inexpensive way to detect water contamination in the brake system, without requiring any consumable materials.
The 4598 tester is powered by a 1.5V battery (included with purchase of tool) and automatically powers off after 12 seconds of inactivity to conserve battery life.


The Heavy-Duty Brake Drum and Rotor Puller (P/N 6980) is specifically designed to offer technicians and service professionals the ability to handle large component pulls such as brake drums, rotors, drive wheels, gears, flywheels and pulleys; and is well suited for removing rusty components where corrosion makes removal almost impossible. The OTC 6980 also helps reduce damage to the wheel bearing by eliminating the need to repeatedly strike or heat the brake drum to free it from the hub.
"As a shop owner or a professional service technician, the 6980 from OTC, provides great capability, durability and efficiency," says an OTC product manager. "From the spring clip release at the top – to the radius at the bottom – these jawsare easy to set in place, strong enough for the most stubborn jobs, yet thin enough to fit between a brake drum and backing plate."
Rated safely to seven tons of force and adjustable with a reach to accommodate the most common drum sizes, this puller can be used for components having a diameter of 12-3/4" spread and 5" reach. The quick set-up features allow one person to easily put the tool in place in just seconds even where there is little access to insert the jaws. The radius on the special jaws establishes optimal load distribution, enhancing the force required to pull the component.  
The heavy-duty 7/8" forcing screw and special heat treating process permit the use of air tools to facilitate a tough pull on large components while reducing time and fatigue. A striking face is provided on the forcing screw where sledging is required as a last resort for the most stubborn components; and a nylon strap is included with the tool to ensure the jaws will bite and hold in place, even on the most heavily corroded or rounded edges.

For additional information, visit www.OTCTools.com.

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