Pelseal Technologies' New PLV2020 Aerosol Coating Features the Properties of Viton Fluoroelastomer

Pelseal Technologies’ New PLV2020 Aerosol Coating Features the Properties of Viton Fluoroelastomer

PLV2020 can be used in a variety of automotive aftermarket applications to quickly and easily coat surfaces and equipment subjected to corrosive fluids, acidic vapors or high temperatures.

Pelseal Technologies, LLC, has introduced PLV2020, a Viton-based formulation in an aerosol spray can. The new product provides superior performance characteristics compared to other aerosol spray coatings and is ideal for automotive aftermarket applications such as for undercarriage and under-the-hood sealants requiring high-temperature and corrosive resistance.

“You no longer have to use a brush to achieve the chemical resistance and broad temperature range of a Viton fluoroelastomer,” said Bill Ross, president of Pelseal Technologies. “PLV2020 provides unsurpassed ease of use while delivering all the performance characteristics one expects from Viton fluoroelastomer.”

PLV2020 is a black, one-part coating available in a 12-ounce aerosol spray can, offering the convenience of a Viton spray. The advantages of an aerosol over typical liquid coatings include the ease and speed of application, a smoother finish with no brush streaks and no post-application brush clean-up. The aerosol does not require the mixing and measuring of a second component. After shaking the can, the aerosol is ready to use.

PLV2020 enables the quick application of a thin, chemically resistant, rubbery coating of Viton fluoroelastomer. It has a higher solids content compared to other aerosol coatings for better deposition and thickness, so fewer coats are required. As a Viton formulation, PLV2020 provides resistance to corrosive liquids including sulfuric, nitric and hydrochloric acids; oil and fuel; hydrocarbons and chlorinated solvents. It exhibits robust performance in a broad temperature range of -40° F to +400° F.

PLV2020 can be employed in a wide variety of industrial applications including:

  • Protective coating for equipment subjected to corrosive fluids and vapors
  • Protective coating for metal substrates subjected to high temperature airflow and chemical vapors
  • Protective, flexible adhesive for bonding Viton components (O-rings, gaskets, bumpers, seals, etc.) to metal and other substrates
  • Flexible adhesive for splicing fluoroelastomer O-rings and cord stock
  • Coating used in jet engine maintenance and other aerospace applications where jet fuel and hydraulic fluids are present
  • Acid-resistant coatings for industrial pumps and equipment housings
  • Touch-up paint for molded fluoroelastomer shapes and components with blemishes, nicks or gouges from field service
  • Top-coat for elastomers to improve their chemical resistance (e.g., poly-urethane, poly-sulfide, nitrile, neoprene, butyl, natural, SBR, polyurethane)


Pelseal Technologies, LLC

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