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Phoenix Systems And NAPA Announce New Retail Agreement


Phoenix Systems has announced an agreement with NAPA/Balkamp to put Phoenix Systems products in their stores. As part of this agreement, NAPA locations will now have access to BrakeStrip Brake Fluid Test Strips and the New NAPA Service Tool 2104-B Reverse Brake Bleeder. This agreement puts Phoenix Systems products in the hands of customers at one of the nation’s most well known auto parts stores.

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Roy East, National Sales Manager for Balkamp Tools and Equipment, is excited about this addition to the company’s product lineup. “These tools have made a great impact with our customers and are providing them with a faster, better and safer way to finish the job, and, most importantly, provide complete comfort and reassurance to the customers they provide service to.”

According to East, customers have been asking for these products for a while. “These are great products that we have been asked about from the technicians for some time. I am proud to say we have them in our product selection.


BrakeStrip Brake Fluid Test Strips, one of the two products now offered through this agreement, offers technicians a fast, affordable way to test the integrity of the brake system with a simple, 60-second test, and enables technicians to provide their customers with accurate recommendations and visual proof of the need to change brake fluid.

The 2104-B Service Tool Reverse Brake Bleeder is a simple tool that effectively removes air from brake lines. Using this patented reverse bleeding technology alongside bench, vacuum and pressure bleeding systems, the Reverse Brake Bleeder effectively removes more air from the brake lines than other systems, and is easy enough for most technicians and even vehicle owners to handle the task.


NAPA currently has over 6,000 stores across the country and serves all 50 states. This agreement will make Phoenix Systems products available to the vast majority of repair stores and DIY mechanics in the country.

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