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Phoenix Systems Offers Double-Ended Test Strip For Coolant, Brake Fluid Testing

With a double-ended design, Coolant + Brake Fluid provides auto repair shops with an affordable and effective way to determine when their customers need fluid flushes and replacement.


Phoenix-coolant-plus-brake-reducedPhoenix Systems has launched its new Coolant + Brake Fluid test strip. This double-ended test strip is the first test strip on the market that can diagnose both Coolant and Brake Fluid quality, according to the company.  With this single test strip, auto repair shops and service centers can test two fluids at once, ensuring that their customers’ vehicles are always in the best possible repair.

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Coolant + Brake Fluid combines two of Phoenix Systems’ signature products: BrakeStrip and CoolantStrip.

“Both BrakeStrip and CoolantStrip provide an invaluable service to our service center customers,” said a Phoenix Systems spokesperson. “By combining the two, we are able to increase that level of service, ensuring that every vehicle that enters the shop leaves with properly cared for engines and brakes. Also, by offering Coolant + Brake Fluid in one convenient strip, we are able to help our customers save a little bit of money.”

BrakeStrip provides a visual reference for brake fluid copper corrosion levels, a strong indicator that the fluid needs to be replaced. With this product, service centers can definitively tell their customers when their brake fluid is corrosive, and offer the replacement when it is needed. The brake fluid test is recommended for use with all DOT 3,4 and 5.1 brake fluid and follows MAP guidelines.

Improperly formulated coolant eventually leads to premature failure or overheating of the engine. Coolant + Brake Fluid provides a CoolantStrip test on one of its ends. CoolantStrip follows MAP, ASL and ASTM guidelines for coolant specifications. It also uses an integrated Glycol color metric scale, making it compatible for use with all coolant colors. It provides a visual recommendation for when it is time to correct or replace coolant.


The new Coolant + Brake Fluid strips come in a bottle that contains 100 double-ended strips, making it an effective and affordable option for the modern repair shop.

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