Popular Wagner ThermoQuiet Brakes Consumer Rebate Offer Extended Through October 31

Popular Wagner ThermoQuiet Brakes Consumer Rebate Offer Extended Through October 31

Federal-Mogul Corporation's "Smart Choice" rebate offer on premium Wagner ThermoQuiet brake pads and shoes has been extended through October, 31, 2010, in response to strong consumer demand.

Federal-Mogul Corporation’s “Smart Choice” rebate offer on premium Wagner ThermoQuiet brake pads and shoes has been extended through October, 31, 2010, in response to strong consumer demand.

The promotion offers mail-in rebates of up to $50 per brake job ($15 per front and/or rear set plus $10 per axle for labor) when consumers have Wagner ThermoQuiet pads and/or shoes professionally installed on their vehicles. Consumers who purchase and install Wagner ThermoQuiet brakes themselves can qualify for a mail-in rebate of up to $30.

“The Wagner ThermoQuiet rebate continues to be one of the industry’s most popular trade and consumer offers,” said Michael Proud, North American marketing director, Federal-Mogul. “Technicians recognize that ThermoQuiet brakes help eliminate comebacks, and the added value of a consumer rebate is a proven way to attract new customers.”

The rebate offer is part of Federal-Mogul’s innovative “Smart Choice” trade and consumer campaign, which reinforces the message that longer-lasting, better performing replacement parts are the best option for today’s vehicle owners. Other current Smart Choice offers include mail-in rebates of $15, $10 or $5 on qualifying purchases of Federal-Mogul’s ANCO replacement wiper blades and $10 on pairs of the company’s Wagner TruView and Wagner BriteLite replacement headlamp capsules. Wagner ThermoQuiet brakes, ANCO wipers and Wagner lighting products are available through thousands of automotive parts stores and service providers throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Wagner ThermoQuiet brake pads combine the exclusive benefits of two proprietary technologies: Federal-Mogul’s award-winning Integrally Molded Insulator (IMI) one-piece brake pad and Wagner EDGE Laser-Shaped Friction designs. Combined with the company’s extensive portfolio of proprietary, application-specific formulations, these technologies deliver quieter performance, superior stopping power and longer pad life. ThermoQuiet pads and shoes are available through thousands of automotive service locations and parts stores across North America.

Consumers can visit www.FMSmartChoice.com to learn more about each Federal-Mogul Smart Choice offer and process their rebates online.

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