Portasol Butane Torch Features Wind Resistant, Adjustable Flame
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Portasol Butane Torch Features Wind-Resistant, Adjustable Flame

Just one tank-full of butane will run this torch for up to 60 minutes at mid-setting.



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Portasol’s GT220 Professional Butane Torch is designed for the automotive professional. This unique butane torch is portable and easy to use.

There are no cords or wires – it’s completely powered by butane. Just one tank-full of butane will run this torch for up to 60 minutes at mid-setting. It is a medium-power butane torch that provides a flame temperature up to 2,462° F and an adjustable flame length up to 90mm (2-1/2 inches).


The flame is wind-resistant so the torch can be used inside or out-of-doors. It’s ready to melt solder in less than 30 seconds from the time you turn it on. The ultrasonically welded gas tank provides a safer, more reliable butane torch than you’ll find elsewhere. The all-in-one on/off/ignition switch makes it fast and easy to use.

The GT220 is a great tool for soldering joints and brazing components. It can also be used to heat-shrink tubing, strip paint, heat or bend thin metal, and loosen frozen or rusted nuts and bolts. Use wherever you need a medium power flame for a short period.


It is certified ESD-safe and is anti-static. Every Portasol product is made with butane compatible plastics to prevent leakage. When the manufacturing process is complete, each Portasol tool is tested for a full two weeks before they are packaged and sold to the U.S. market.

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