Pro-Cut Launches BrakeSaver Branded Brake Service
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Pro-Cut Launches BrakeSaver Branded Brake Service

The BrakeSaver program combines the company’s brake service equipment with the sales and marketing support to make it a standalone profit center for your shop. And it’s backed by a 90-day money-back guarantee.


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Pro-Cut has launched its new branded brake service, BrakeSaver, merging the company’s top-quality rotor matching equipment with on-site training and point-of-sale materials. The program is designed to function as a standalone profit center for shops offering brake repair while giving customers/drivers quality, value and warranty backing.

“BrakeSaver offers a differentiated product that helps shops grow their business and increase revenues,” said Jeff Hastings, president. “It offers great value for the service provided to customers. It helps techs ‘fix it right the first time’ with relative ease, while improving shop productivity — and gives them new opportunities for growth in their careers.”




BrakeSaver represents a brand-new service for shops to sell, providing a new revenue stream. Pro-Cut uses the analogy of balancing wheels to describe BrakeSaver’s type of service. Just as a tire needs to be balanced to ride smoothly, a rotor must be matched to the hub with a Pro-Cut on-car brake lathe for it to wear evenly, perform as designed and truly resolve brake pedal pulsation. 

BrakeSaver includes full training in rotor matching and selling the service to customers. A factory-trained expert comes on-site, assembles the lathe and trains staff in its use. Counter staff is educated on the BrakeSaver process so they can upsell the service. The BrakeSaver Starter Kit contains point-of-sale and marketing materials, including a promotional countermat, poster, window decal, dealer door decal, Getting Started instructions and shop diploma announcing certification.


An animated video for looping on a tablet helps educate customers about their brake job, and a steel rotor demonstration model illustrates lateral runout and brake pulsation.

Finally, each shop that offers BrakeSaver is promoted as a certified BrakeSaver location on Pro-Cut’s online directory.



BrakeSaver allows technicians to achieve mastery of a modern piece of auto-repair equipment that represents the future of brake repair. Techs have the opportunity to earn Master Tech certification offered through Pro-Cut’s TrainSMART program, which involves an online class with on-site training at the shop or at a designated TrainSMART facility. Master Techs become shop partners in a new income stream, and earn more for the shop and for themselves.




For customers and drivers, BrakeSaver offers the highest quality brake job with peace of mind that comes from smooth and safe braking, at a competitive price. BrakeSaver will last for "a trip around the world," or for 30,000 miles. Shops have the option of offering to customers a 30,000-mile/30-month warranty, sending a clear statement about the integrity of the brake job. In addition, customers save on the cost of paying for new rotors as their existing rotors are machined to like-new condition. There’s no need to throw away perfectly good rotors — yet that’s what some shops do if they’re not equipped with rotor matching technology. This brake repair method aligns with the values of many customers on the road today who are concerned about their impacts on the environment.



Pro-Cut backs BrakeSaver with a 90-day money-back guarantee to any shop that isn’t 100% satisfied, and offers two payment plans.


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