Pro Spot International Aluminum Weld Stations

Pro Spot International Offers Aluminum Weld Stations

The Aluminum Weld Stations are now available with the PS-DA5 Drawn Arc Welder for precise aluminum dent pulling.

Pro Spot’s Aluminum Weld Stations are unique because they come in a variety of models to fit each shop’s specific needs. The models start from basic, which is complete with the AL-5 Capacitor Welder, all the way up to models with built-in fume extractors, plasma cutters and aluminum pulse MIG welders.

The Weld Stations are designed to fit other aluminum repair items such as additional drawers with the company’s Ford Aluminum Hand Tool Kit.

If the shop is looking to meet the increasing demands for aluminum and silicon bronze repair, the SP-2 and SP-5 Pulse MIG Welders are also available.

The Aluminum Weld Stations are now available with the PS-DA5 Drawn Arc Welder for precise aluminum dent pulling.

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