Tool Showcase Problem Solvers: Chain Wrench
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Tool Showcase

Problem Solvers: Chain Wrench

A tool that can save the day!


Does this have a place in your toolbox? You decide.

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Read the full script below:

Hi, this is Eric with TechShop and another edition of Tool Showcase.

Every now and then, you learn about unique tools that turn out to work so good, you just have to have them. I’ve run across a number of these over the years, and I call them problem solvers.

You might recognize this one, it’s a chain wrench. For many years, I owned a strap wrench, and those are also great tools to have.

But from time to time, you run across something you need to hold, and you need to hold it tight. Honestly, I can’t remember now what I was working on, but it was some type of pulley that I needed to hold, and the strap wrench couldn’t handle the force, it would slip.


I expected that a chain wrench might dig into the pulley, and I was trying to avoid that, but I had no choice, so I picked this up. I will tell you, it did the job, and did it well.

It did dig slightly into the pulley, but it was a small mark and I was able to smooth out the nick so it wouldn’t cause any wear to the belt.

As you can see, this still looks new. I think I’ve only used it a couple times now in the last few years. But I would never let it go. It’s a tool that can save the day.


Is there room for one in your toolbox? That’s up to you, but this is definitely one of my problem solvers.

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Thanks for watching TechShops tool showcase. I’ll see ya next time. 

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