Diesel Tech Uses Bullit To Slice Time, Cost on Diesel Engine Repair

Bullit Sliced Time, Cost on Diesel Engine Repair

When a technician came across busted intake mounting bolts, he found just the right tool to save the day.

As an experienced field service technician with Kozik Brothers, Inc., an excavating and construction contractor with multiple pieces of heavy equipment in its inventory, Justin Tarr has vast experience working on a variety of diesel and gas engines. He often encounters broken bolts on exhaust manifolds, intake valves and more.

When Tarr came across busted intake mounting bolts on the Caterpillar 815 F Diesel Engine Compactor, he recalled seeing a live, in-shop demo of a tool he thought would make the repair easier and faster. So, he encouraged his company to acquire the Bullit Exhaust Manifold Repair (EMR) Kit from ProMAXX Tool.

Bullit has adjustable carriages that configure the jig to the exact overlay of just about any linear bolt pattern, eliminating manufacturing machine intolerances. The kit comes with three fasteners that lock the sliding carriages down to replicate the bolt pattern precisely. This ensures precision and alignment for perfect perpendicularity and spot-on center drilling.

It ships complete as an Extractorless repair system. Machine-shop-grade drill bits, along with tap and guide bushings, eliminate the risk of a broken extractor. The Bullit all-in-one adaptable kit allows for easy repairs on exhaust manifolds, intake manifolds, water pumps, valve covers, oil pan bolts and almost any other application involving a linear bolt pattern.

There are six different size versions of the Bullit kit ranging from 8mm-125 to 12mm-175. Bullit even works on vintage engine applications that use 3/8-inch bolts/studs, such as the Chevy 350, or Ford 460. The repair system was engineered to service Ford, GM, Dodge, Caterpillar, Cummins, Detroit Diesel, International, John Deere, Kubota, Volvo and vintage engine applications that use 3/8-inch bolts/studs.

“When I opened the Bullit tool kit for the first time, it looked easy to use,” Tarr said. “Then, I watched a how-to video on the ProMAXX Tool YouTube channel. Once you get the bushings lined up, it’s simple to drill out the broken bolts. It works for linear, vertical, horizontal and even diagonal bolt patterns.”

As a trained diesel engine technician, Tarr knows it is essential to keep his company’s heavy equipment up and running. Every hour that a vehicle is in the shop means it is not out on the job performing its primary function.

“Repairing broken bolts like this can turn into a time-consuming, nightmare scenario,” Tarr said. “You may have to pull the head and send it out to a machine shop. It can take a full day to remove it. And, who knows how backed up the shop is? We may not get it back for days. This can cost thousands of dollars and extend equipment downtime.”

According to Tarr, thanks to the Bullit, it took him less than four hours to drill, tap and restore two studs on the head and two more on the Caterpillar 815 F Diesel’s intake. “We saved time and money on the very first repair,” he said. “If you can pay off the cost of a tool with one repair, it’s worth keeping on your shelf.”

Tarr also appreciates the customer service he received from ProMAXX Tool. He believes the ProMAXX team brought a family feel to the relationship. “We are passionate about what we do,” said ProMAXX Tool Advisor Kelly Schreffler. “We go above and beyond what customers expect. That’s why we provide free, 24-7 customer support.”

Because Tarr was at a worksite near ProMAXX Tool’s Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, headquarters, Schreffler was able to go out to the field to personally deliver extra drill bits to the technician. While she was there, she proactively showed Tarr another diesel engine tool kit she thought he may need in the future.

ProMAXX Tool produces a wide variety of repair kits designed specifically for diesel engines. These include exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) repair kits for the Ford 6.7L Power Stroke Diesel, and Mack MP8 and Volvo D13 Diesel Engines. Additionally, the company offers kits to repair Ford 6.4L Power Stroke Turbo Y Pipes and Ford 6.7L Diesel Fuel Injector Hold Down Bolts.

There are also tool kits engineered to assist in repairing broken exhaust manifold bolts on the GM 6.6L Duramax Diesel and Duramax Turbo Pedestal as well as the Ford 6.7 Power Stroke. Plus, the versatile and adaptable Bullit Collection provides for precise repairs on many different gas and diesel engines.

Ben Patton works with Tarr repairing diesel engines for Kozik Brothers, Inc. “If you’re trying to drill out broken bolts freehand and you go off-center, there’s no going back,” he said. “I’d recommend the Bullit to other diesel technicians because of its ease of use and the time savings it delivers. The advantages of using the Bullit tool kit are well worth the cost of the tool.”

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