Purolator's Premium Automotive Filters Combine Quality and Value

Purolator’s Premium Automotive Filters Combine Quality and Value

Purolator Filters NA LLC announces a complete line of automotive filters - oil, air, fuel, cabin, and transmission filters and breathers, and PCV valves - for automotive, light truck and heavy-duty applications.

Purolator Filters NA LLC, inventor of the first automotive oil filter in 1923, and today a leading supplier to vehicle manufacturers and the aftermarket, announces a complete line of automotive filters — oil, air, fuel, cabin, and transmission filters and breathers, and PCV valves — for automotive, light truck and heavy-duty applications.

Now part of the Bosch umbrella of automotive aftermarket products, Purolator’s advanced aftermarket filters include:
• PureONE and Purolator oil filters;
• PureONE and Purolator air filters;
• BreatheEASY cabin air filters; and
• The "forgotten filters," including transmission filters, fuel filters and PCV valves.

Purolator oil and air filters are designed to meet the constant challenge of the dust and dirt on the road with multi-fiber, high-density media that traps contaminants and keeps the oil and engine clean. A step up, Purolator PureONE oil and air filters are top-ranked in efficiency and provide superior protection from the damaging dirt and grime that can cause serious engine wear and tear.

Oil Filter
"A typical engine that lasts well over 100,000 miles is not just a tribute to automotive engineering," said Ramon Nunez, director of filtration for Robert Bosch LLC, joint venture owner of Purolator. "It is the result of a diligent and regular maintenance program that includes regular fluid and filter changes."

According to Nunez, dust, dirt and other contaminants that can enter an engine through various means can prevent a car from operating at peak performance. Engine oil serves to clean, cool, lubricate and seal the metal surfaces of the engine. However, it is only as good as the filter that removes the dirt from the engine oil.

At 99.9 percent efficiency, the Purolator PureONE oil filter provides the aftermarket with the highest Micronic filtration efficiency available. Micronic filtration media can filter out even the smallest particles of dirt. PureONE is engineered to trap up to 13 grams of microscopic contaminants (equal to 13 standard size paper clips) including dirt, metal shavings and insect parts. Purolator PureONE PTFE-treated sealing gasket makes installation and removal easy and problem-free.

Air Filter
An automotive engine takes in about 9-10,000 gallons of air for each gallon of fuel it consumes. The smooth flow and cleanliness of that air is key to ensuring peak engine performance and minimizing engine wear. A fresh premium Purolator PureONE or Purolator air filter ensures the supply of clean air for efficient operation and reduced engine wear. PureONE air filters feature exclusive Micronic filtration with twice the capacity for trapping particles of dirt and grime compared to conventional air filters. Micronic filtration media can filter out even the smallest particles of dirt. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, replacing a clogged air filter can improve a vehicle’s gas mileage by as much as 10 percent, which, at today’s gas prices of almost $3 a gallon, can add up to a saving of almost 30 cents per gallon.

Cabin Air Filter
Purolator BreatheEASY Cabin Air Filters filter out dust, dirt, pollen and other harmful contaminants from the air entering the passenger compartment. The BreatheEASY non-woven, uniquely engineered media traps and retains even the finest particles of harmful dust and pollen. A BreatheEASY filter cleans and protects the air that driver and passengers breathe, reduces the dust accumulation inside the car and keeps it cleaner.

Fuel Filter
The fuel filter is the final line of defense for the fuel in its journey from the refinery to the combustion chamber of an engine. Dirt can enter at any point and condensation can develop creating rust. Today’s fuel pumps and fuel injectors are built to exact tolerances. Tiny openings in the fuel injectors, for example, deliver a precise amount of fuel for superior power and superior gas mileage.

Failing to regularly replace the fuel filter can have serious short- and long-tem consequences. Purolator offers a full line of precision fuel filters for carbureted and fuel-injected vehicles, as well as for diesel vehicles.

Transmission Filter
An automatic transmission is one of the most complex components on a vehicle and one on which motorists depend upon for comfort, ease and security while driving. The transmission fluid and filter ensure the reliability of this essential vehicle component by keeping the parts lubricated and free of contaminants. Purolator’s automatic transmission filter prolongs the life of the fluid and transmission by trapping foreign particles and abrasives.

Breathers are used in conjunction with the Positive Crankcase Ventilation (PCV) valve. Typically located in the air filter housing, the breather element serves to filter the fresh air being drawn into the crankcase. Breathers from Purolator prevent unfiltered air, with all its harmful contaminants, from entering the engine crankcase.

PCV Valves
Positive Crankcase Ventilation (PCV) valves were the very first, automotive pollution control devices, and continue to be part of the vehicle’s far more sophisticated emission control systems seen on vehicles today. Replacing a worn-out PCV valve with a fresh Purolator PCV valve can prevent a multitude of problems — rough engine idle, blown oil seals, fumes in the passenger compartment, excessive engine part wear and shorter oil life.

For more information on Purolator Filters NA LLC, visit www.pureoil.com.

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