Lisle 65700 Kit

Lisle 65700: Kit for Engine Head Spark Plugs

This spark plug remover kit includes tools to remove broken spark plugs from 2004 to 2008 Ford Triton three-valve per cylinder engines. The kit includes a Porcelain Puller Tool, Porcelain Pusher and a Self-Tapping Puller -- all in a blow-molded plastic case for storage.

Lisle 65700Lisle introduces its kit (65700) for removing spark plugs that have seized in the engine head. The kit includes a Porcelain Puller Tool that locks onto the terminal of a broken spark plug to pull the porcelain if only the metal collar of the plug came loose.

Also included is a Porcelain Pusher for when the porcelain breaks off in the spark plug tip and a Self-Tapping Puller to remove the seized metal tip.

The tools comes in a blow-molded plastic case for storage.

Order Lisle 65710 for the Porcelain Puller individually, or 65730 for the Porcelain Puller, Right Hand Hex Nut and Puller Housing.



If the spark plug hex and electrode broke off, leaving only the tip stuck in the engine, skip to step 7.Lisle 65700-a

  1. Make sure that the spark plug hex and threads have come out of the spark plug hole completely or is spinning freely on the plug, with no threads still engaged in the head.
  2. Remove the right-hand nut from the Porcelain Puller.
  3. Press the puller down onto the terminal of the spark plug until it snaps on.
  4. Insert the puller housing into the hole around the Porcelain Puller.
  5. Thread the right-hand nut on to the Porcelain Puller.
  6. Use a 3/8″ wrench to hold the porcelain puller and a 15/16″ wrench to turn the right-hand nut until the porcelain is released.
  7. Use a heat gun or hair dryer to heat up the broken plug remaining in the plughole.Lisle 65700in4
  8. Insert the Pusher Body to bottom of the spark plug threads with the Pusher Screw backed completely out. Next, screw the Pusher Screw down until it bottoms out against the top of the Pusher Body. This pushes the porcelain to the end of the spark plug tube tip, which gives you enough room for the tip of the Puller Screw to work. There is no guessing on how far to run the Pusher Screw down. The porcelain cannot be pushed through the spark plug tip since it is retained by the taper of the tip and the design of the tool controls the overall length the porcelain can be pushed.
  9. Remove the Pusher Assembly using the big hex on the Pusher Body.Lisle 65700in3
  10. Place the Puller Housing into the hole.
  11. Slide in the Puller Screw.
  12. Turn the Puller Screw counterclockwise (left-hand thread) until tight. Make sure to engage as many threads as possible. It will turn hard. If there are not enough threads on the Puller Screw engaged, the tip can break off and remain in the spark plug tip.
  13. Put the nylon gasket and left-hand hex nut on the Puller Screw. Tighten against the housing.
  14. Turn the nut counterclockwise to pull the plug from the hole.

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