Help Customers Fight Rising Gas Prices with Rislone Fuel System Cleaner

Help Customers Fight Rising Gas Prices with Rislone Fuel System Cleaner

The ingredients work to improve the quality of gas by increasing its cleaning ability, adding lubrication and removing contaminants.

Gas prices are on the rise, and the trend is expected to continue through a busy summer road trip season. Help your customers get more out of every tank of gasoline with improved Rislone Hy-per Fuel Complete Fuel System Cleaner. Already Rislone’s most popular gasoline additive, Complete System Cleaner is now even stronger with the addition of a patented, next-generation P.E.A. (polyetheramine) cleanser to better remove carbon deposits and buildup from fuel injectors, fuel lines, sensors and the fuel pump. And through the end of the year, your customers can save even more money with a $5 mail-in rebate.

Rislone Hy-per Fuel Complete Fuel System Cleaner (p/n 4700) combines six fuel additives in one dual-cavity bottle to deliver improved fuel economy, engine power and performance. It includes the equivalent of a full bottle of:

  • Fuel injector and system cleaner: Removes carbon deposits from injectors, combustion chamber and intake valves to restore lost power and improve fuel economy.
  • Upper cylinder lubricant: Reduces friction and wear for improved fuel economy.
  • Fuel stabilizer and conditioner: Helps gasoline resist breakdown and inhibit corrosion.
  • Octane booster: Raises the gasoline’s octane number to reduce spark knock, misfires and emissions.
  • Water remover gas dryer: Removes free water to prevent gas line freeze-ups, corrosion and bacterial growth; reduces emissions.
  • Gas treatment additives: Optimize fuel economy and maximize power, acceleration and performance.

The combined formula is more cost-effective than buying each additive individually, plus the ingredients work together to improve the quality of gas by increasing its cleaning ability, adding lubrication and removing contaminants. Rislone Complete Fuel System Cleaner cleans and lubricates the entire fuel system. The product is so strong, it can be used every four to six weeks or every 3,000 to 5,000 miles instead of at every fill-up. Most customers notice immediate improvements in smoothness, acceleration, throttle response and miles-per-gallon fuel efficiency.

“We can’t do anything about the price of gas, but we can help our customers make the gas they buy go further,” says Clay Parks, vice president of development for Rislone. “Adding a bottle of Complete Fuel System Cleaner every four to six weeks improves engine efficiency and fuel economy. And it’s really easy to use thanks to the patented spout on every bottle that works with all gas tanks, including capless.”

Rislone Hy-per Fuel Complete Fuel System Cleaner is compatible with all gasoline engines, including fuel-injected, port fuel injected (PFI), direct-injected (DI/DIG), gasoline turbo direct-injected (GTDI), turbocharged and carbureted. It can be used with all unleaded, premium and ethanol blends (E10, E15 and E85) of gasoline. Works in motorcycles and small engines, too.

Like all Rislone Hy-per products, Complete Fuel System Cleaner is made in the U.S.A. It’s available to distribution in case packs of four 16.9 fl. oz. bottles. 

Through Dec. 31, 2021, Rislone is offering a $5 mail-in rebate on every bottle of Complete Fuel System Cleaner (both the gasoline and diesel formulas) sold. Direct your customers to to get started.

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