Lift Trucks and Vans Fast with Rotary Lift's Medium-Duty Lift
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Lift Trucks and Vans Fast with Rotary Lift’s Medium-Duty Lift

The SL212 SmartLift inground lift can raise a vehicle 83” off the ground in just 30 seconds and lower it in 19 seconds flat.


The Rotary Lift 12,000 lb. capacity SL212 Shockwave-equipped SmartLift inground lift gets pick-ups, work trucks and vans in the air and ready for service twice as fast as other lifts.


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Rotary Lift’s patented Shockwave technology is now available on the 12,000-lb. capacity SmartLift inground lift, making it possible to service pick-ups, work trucks and vans twice as fast.

The SL212 SmartLift inground lift can raise a vehicle 83” off the ground in just 30 seconds and lower it in 19 seconds flat. This super speed enables technicians to complete more jobs per day, making more money for themselves and their shops.


“Originally available only on our 10,000 lbs. capacity two-post surface and SmartLift inground lifts, we responded to customer demand by making Shockwave available on higher-capacity lifts,” says David Fischmer, marketing director for Rotary Lift parent company Vehicle Service Group. “The Shockwave-equipped SmartLift is a great choice for dealers, independent repair shops or fleet facilities that work on a lot of pick-up trucks, work trucks and vans.”

Shockwave’s speed is made possible in part by its energy-saving DC power unit. Shockwave-equipped lifts are battery operated with a built-in charger, which eliminates the need for expensive 220V wiring and makes it possible to continue using the lifts even during a power outage.


Getting the vehicle positioned on the lift is also faster and easier with Shockwave-equipped lifts thanks to their patent-pending Spotline laser spotting guide. Spotline projects a green laser line down the center of the bay. To center a vehicle, the technician simply lines up the middle of the hood or dash with the laser line and drives onto the lift.

Environmentally responsible Rotary Lift Smartlift inground lifts are made from recycled materials, are contained in a polymer housing which protects the lift and the environment, and are bio-fluid compatible, using 95% less oil than traditional style inground lifts. They have a small footprint, making it possible to install more lifts in less space, which translates into lower construction costs and increased shop profits.


The Shockwave-equipped SL212 inground lift comes with frame-engaging adapters with stackable lightweight, high-strength aluminum inserts designed to reach the proper lifting points on trucks and other large vehicles.

Made in Madison, IN, the SL212 inground lift is ALI gold-label certified to meet industry safety and performance standards.

For more information on the innovative features of the SL212 SmartLift inground lift, visit


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