Rotopax Tank Holder Mounts Without Drilling

Rotopax Tank Holder Mounts Without Drilling

The tank holder secures up to a 3-gal. model on the vehicle exterior, and mounts and removes quickly without leaving marks.

From potable water to spare fuel, RotopaX are a convenient way to carry liquids outside a vehicle. However, many owners prefer to not drill holes to permanently install a mount — especially if it’s a daily drive. The new SeaSucker RotopaX Tank Holder offers the perfect solution. It secures up to a three-gallon model on the vehicle exterior, and mounts and removes quickly without leaving marks.

Made in the USA, the RotopaX Tank Holder uses the force of two SeaSucker 6″ Vacuum Mounts. It adheres in a vertical alignment to any smooth, non-porous surface such as the back glass of an SUV or the side window of a van. The device quickly installs with a few pumps of the integrated power button. Unlike an industrial suction cup that quickly loses its holding strength, the SeaSucker solution secures 420 lbs. — even over rough terrain and often for days on end.

This rugged yet lightweight accessory is built for continual outdoor exposure with UV-resistant materials and stainless-steel components. It measures 15″ L x 6.5″ W and sits 2.75″ off the surface, with a 3/8″ thick HDPE deck to stabilize the tank. It’s predrilled for easy installation of a RotopaX base.

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