S.U.R.&R. Universal Seal Clamp Pliers Solve Hard-To-Reach Problems
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S.U.R.&R. Universal Seal Clamp Pliers Solve Hard-To-Reach Problems

The CP720 Dual Jaw 360º Seal Clamp Pliers make technician’s job easier.


S.U.R.&R., the vehicle fluid line repair division of Husky Corporation, introduces a new universal clamping tool which makes it simpler for mechanics and vehicle service professionals to make secure clamps, including within difficult-to-reach spaces.

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The CP720 Dual Jaw 360° Seal Clamp Pliers can be used for numerous applications including fuel, air conditioning, transmission and coolant lines.

Key features include a dual jaw which allows for crimping straight on or from the side and a slim head for use in tight spaces. 

“Mechanics deal with the problems of inadequate or difficult-to-reach access every day when making repairs,” said S.U.R.&R. National Sales Manager Bob Joy. “The CP720 makes it much easier to secure clamps without struggling and spending extra time and effort disassembling and reassembling.”


Approximately 9 inches in length, the CP720 works with either single or double-ear seal clamps which produce tight, consistent seals around the entire hose circumference and reduce the potential for leaking or damage to the hose.

“With high-grade, special forged steel construction, this tool has the strength and durability that professional customers expect from S.U.R.&R.,” said Paul Pitney, Husky Project/Design Engineer.

For more info: surrauto.com

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