SigmaVision's TreadReader 3-D Scans Tread for Measurement

SigmaVision’s TreadReader 3-D Scans Tread for Measurement

SigmaVision's TreadReader Hand Held scanner helps technicians read tire tread depth, detect incorrect inflation and wheel alignment issues.

SigmaVision’s TreadReader Hand Held scanner is a compact and lightweight device used to help technicians read tire tread depth, detect incorrect inflation and wheel alignment issues.

It is quick and easy to use and eliminates the errors associated with manual depth gauges. The scanner is positioned on one edge of a tire and operated by sliding it across the tread face.

Accurate tread depth readings for tires of all vehicle types can reveal badly worn or unevenly worn tires symptomatic of problems such as wheel misalignment or worn suspension. Color coded 3-D scans enable tire replacement at the optimum time to maximize tire safety and present revenue opportunities from increased tire sales or service hours.

TreadReader is suitable for wet or dirty tires and is ideal for all tire inspection applications in workshops, service centers, inspection lanes, commercial vehicle yards and at the roadside. The calculated data can be imported into any fleet management system and from September 2018, data from Hand Held scanners can be uploaded to TreadManager for improved management of tires sales opportunities.

Link: SigmaVision

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