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SK Previews New Ratcheting Wrench for Spring 2015

Professional technicians and mobile dealers both received a sneak peek and a hands-on test-drive of SK’s powerful new SK X-Frame ratcheting wrench at the 2014 SEMA show.


SKT_WrenchThe SK X-Frame provides techs with more power and precision in tight spaces than anything else on the market, according to Joe Saganowich, general manager of SK Professional Tools. SK will launch its X-frame wrench in early 2015.

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“Professional mechanics told us they needed more power and precision in very tight, hard-to-get-at spaces,” said Saganowich. “We’ve listened to their feedback and reinvented the ratcheting mechanism itself by using six dual opposing pawls (instead of one) on a reengineered, 72-tooth wheel. This allows for more strength and precision in any of the 216 positions our wrench offers.”

In fact, the new ratcheting mechanism is so strong that SK re-engineered the geometry of the handle to allow the technician to deliver maximum torque. The SK X-Frame will help professional technicians handle tough jobs with more speed and confidence.

The distinctive x-frame look of the SK X comes from opposing triangular structures that help make the wrench stronger than the world standard by dispersing the stress on the handle across two beams. This power is maximized in one-third of the arc swing of any other ratcheting wrench on the market. 3StagesSTILL

The SK X-Frame will be available next spring in a full range of hard-working sizes.

SK conducted a comparative FEA stress analysis of the SK X-Frame against the bestselling competitive ratcheting wrench at equal input force. The company’s heat map provides startling and visible evidence of the SKX Frame’s superior handle strength. HeatMap

The SK X-Frame offers 72 teeth and 216 positions compared to 72 for the leading competitor and 120 for the newest competitive wrench in the category.

“We believe the SK X is going to appeal to the pro’s pro among auto technicians,” said Saganowich. “These are the guys who out-think the problems they face. The guys who love high-performance machines and high-performance tools.”


According to SK design engineers, the “best-in-class” handle enables the superior ratchet mechanism to deliver smooth, efficient power — even in the tightest, hardest-to-reach spaces of any technician’s job. The ratcheting mechanism’s 72 teeth and six dual opposing pawls enable the user to turn nuts in 2.1 degrees (with the 3/4-inch SK X model). This increased control allows auto techs to work in tighter spaces.


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