Slime Pro-Series Tools Make Great Gifts for Pros and Amateurs Alike

Slime Pro-Series Tools Make Great Gifts for Pros and Amateurs Alike

The Pro-Series products are durable, high-quality tools that will help you maintain or repair tires.

Slime recommends its Pro-Series of tire repair and maintenance products for your holiday list.

Slime’s Pro-Series line of tools features ultra-accurate gauges, backlit displays and fast inflators, offering the very best in tire maintenance and repair, says the company. Whether it’s an Ultimate Tire Plug Kit that will help save a tire or the Digital 2-in-1 Gauge that lets you quickly and accurately check tire pressure and tire tread, Slime’s Pro-Series has a tool for the names on your holiday list.

“Our Pro-Series line make great gifts for the both pro and the consumer,” said Patrick Mallon, Slime marketing director. “Our Pro-Series products are durable, high-quality products that will help your loved one maintain or repair their tires and ultimately save them lots of money. Don’t give a trendy, flashy gift. Give your loved ones the gift of safety, saved money and practicality.”

Slime’s Pro-Series Products include:

Digital 2-IN-1 Gauge
Digital Tech Gauge
Mini Digital Precision Gauge
4-Way Gauge
Liquid-Filled Gauge
Liquid-Filled RV Gauge
Ultimate Tire Plug Kit
Plug and Patch Kit
Valve Core Tool
Super-Duty Inflator, which received Best New Product award at AAPEX and SEMA 2016


Slime Pro-Series

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