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Snap-on Introduces Remote Hose Clamp Pliers


Offering increased accessibility and comfort, along with infinite locking positions for a wide range of hose clamp sizes and styles, the new Snap-on Remote Hose Clamp Pliers (SHCP2) make a great addition to any Snap-on toolbox.

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“Service technicians have an unlimited number of options when using our new Snap-on Remote Hose Clamp Pliers, while the competition is limited by a finite tooth count on the gear,” said Jason Frey, category manager for Snap-on. “The unique friction-locking mechanism on the SCHP2 allows the user to hold the clamp open at any position from closed to fully open, providing increased functionality and greater productivity.”

Low constant operating force applied to the wide, comfortable ergonomic pistol grip on the new Snap-on Remote Hose Clamp Pliers (SHCP2) results in reduced effort and less hand fatigue during operation. With its longer cable, the SHCP2 provides more accessibility. Since it is flexible over its entire length, the SHCP2 can reach in and around obstacles that “slide style” remote hose clamp pliers cannot.

“The force required to operate Snap-on Remote Hose Clamp Pliers is less than the competition and the force does not increase as clamps are opened wider. In addition, the longer flexible engaging end works on larger clamps in any position on the hose,” continued Frey.

Customers can learn more about the new Snap-on Remote Hose Clamp Pliers (SHCP2) by contacting their participating Snap-on franchisee or representative, visiting or by calling toll free 877-SNAPON-4 (877-762-7664).

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