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Snap-on Battery Service Tools Equip Technicians for Winter Car Care

While preventative maintenance is important year-round, winter weather can be especially challenging for a vehicle’s electrical system.


While preventative maintenance is important year-round, winter weather can be especially challenging for a vehicle’s electrical system. Battery life can weaken in the cold, leading to alternator problems and other starting issues. Below are some technician top picks for winter maintenance, diagnosis and repairs.

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Snap-on EEBM500A – 4 A 6/12 V DC Battery Maintainer
When maintaining a battery’s charge is the challenge, the Snap-on 4 A charging rate, fully- automatic 6/12 V DC Battery Maintainer is the answer. Ideal for stored or seasonal cars, trucks, boats, SUVs, motorcycles and more, the tool ensures vehicles start when needed, even after extended inactivity. It is compatible with conventional lead-acid, maintenance-free, AGM, gel cell and deep cycle batteries and features a quick-connect output cord with a clamp set, ring terminal set and 12 V adaptor output accessories. Its LED charging status display indicates when a charge is complete.

Snap-on EECS750A – Advanced Battery, Starting and Charging System Tester
The EECS750A delivers superior accuracy with CCA required input and patented conductance technology for rendering battery, starter and charging system status. It now also features the unique ability to test Northstar AGM batteries. To save time, the tester allows technicians to set default parameters customized to individual shop needs. With a comfortable horizontal handhold position and convenient underhood hanger, this tool enables techs to quickly determine whether batteries, starters and alternators are operating at peak performance or whether they need replacing. Test results are available in eight languages, displayed on the full-color 3.5 in. screen and printable straight from the tool with personalized shop information.

Snap-on EEJP600i110G – 12 V Lead-Acid Engine Starter+
With Dual 110 VAC receptacles to provide electricity for outdoor activities or during a power outage via a 400 Watt inverter, techs will find the EEJP600i110G to be stronger, safer and smarter than other units. Stronger means 350 cranking amps (290 cold cranking amps) from a high-output sealed AGM battery. The tool also features long-reach 60 in. cables and tough two-gauge wire. Its arc-less connection is safer and will not allow operation with clamps connected in reverse polarity and includes a separate on/off switch (vs. 12 V port) for engine starting. A smarter digital display indicates internal battery charge percentage and DC voltage, and a USB port charges smart phones or other small electronic devices.

Snap-on EEJP201MBK – 12 V Li-Ion Compact Engine Starter/USB Charger and Light
Ideal for personal use emergency jumps, yet powerful enough for the shop, the EEJP201MBK is ideal for powersport, motorcycle and four- to eight-cylinder autos. The tool features on-screen commands to guide the user and offers safer starting via reverse polarity protection. It has the ability to start vehicles in below freezing temperatures and includes a bright LED work (or flashing SOS) light and a USB charging port. Internal Li-ion batteries can be charged with AC from the wall or DC from the vehicle, and a safety override feature is included for vehicles with less than 1.5 V DC.


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