Snap-on Classics: Combination Wrench Set

Snap-on Classics: Combination Wrench Set

There is no comparison to Snap-on's 10-piece Fractional Flank Drive Plus Combination Wrench Set (SOEX710). When it comes to quality, strength and durability, Snap-on wrenches stand alone.

There is no comparison to Snap-on’s 10-piece Fractional Flank Drive Plus Combination Wrench Set (SOEX710). When it comes to quality, strength and durability, Snap-on wrenches stand alone.  

“Snap-on sets the standard in high quality, versatile wrenches,” said Mark Knapp, product manager for Snap-on.  “From the continuous arc design to the forged steel and heat treated hardness, nothing compares to a Snap-on wrench.  Our 10-piece Fractional Flank Drive Plus Combination Wrench Set provides the wrenches you need to get all types of jobs done quickly and efficiently.”

The Snap-on 10-piece Fractional Flank Drive Plus Combination Wrench Set (SOEX710) and metric set (SOEXM710) feature:
• Open End Head Design – “continuous arc” design distributes applied stress over the entire radius of the open end for enhanced wrench strength.
• Forged Steel and Heat Treat Hardness – provide a superior wrench with the proper strength and durability, reducing wear and breakage and preventing down time.
• 7.5-degree Offset Broaching – allows the user to flip the box end over to obtain a more advantageous grip on a fastener for restricted clearance areas.

Competitive Advantages:
• Flank Drive Plus averages up to 62 percent more torque than competitive open ends.
• Under load, competitive wrenches can average 313 percent more jaw spread than our Flank Drive Plus.
• Excellent adherence of Snap-on’s nickel/chrome plating.
• Snap-on’s smooth protective finish prolongs and withstands chemicals and solvents.
• Snap-on standard length wrench is 16 percent and 25 percent longer than two of its competitors’ standard length wrenches. 
• Snap-on SOEX710 wrench is longer than its competitions’ “long” wrenches.

Customers can find out more about Snap-on’s 10-Piece Fractional Flank Drive Plus Combination Wrench Set (SOEX710) and metric set ((SOEXM710) by contacting their participating Snap-on franchisee, visiting or by calling toll free 877-SNAPON-2 (877-762-7662).

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