SUPER-X from Penray Has 'Super' Tire Inflator
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SUPER-X from Penray Has ‘Super’ Tire Inflator

Emergency tire inflator temporarily repairs tires safely and economically.


“Our customers have found that the SUPER-X Emergency Tire Inflator (#660) is a very popular product with their customers,” said Mark Fryar, Penray’s national field sales manager. “Motorists who are looking for a temporary tire fix have found the SUPER-X Emergency Tire Inflator to be a safe and inexpensive way to fix their flat tire before bringing it in for permanent repair. Whether it’s a service station, convenience store or a gas station with a convenience store, this is the perfect product to have on your shelves.”

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The SUPER-X Emergency Tire Inflator (#660) seals and inflates damaged tires and is designed to be used with any passenger car, truck trailer or almost any pneumatic type tire. Using the SUPER-X Emergency Tire Inflator provides the following benefits:

•    Safe method to temporarily repair tire

•    Reduces hazards of roadside tire changing

•    Will not adversely affect tire balance

For more information about SUPER-X Emergency Tire Inflator, visit or to order it, call 1-800-373-6729.

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