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AirSept Introduces Automatic Dual Recycle Guard 

Automatically filters refrigerant and prevents unwelcome A/C machine downtime.

AirSept Announces the Passing of Founder, Automotive Entrepreneur Myron Stein

Stein is credited with 23 U.S. patents and multiple awards for developing products that solve complex automotive air conditioning and fluid carrying system repair problems.

AirSept Introduces Smart Splice PRO Series A/C

The Smart Splice PRO Series – A/C provides technicians with everything needed to fix a damaged metal line or hose for A/C service in five minutes.

AirSept Smart Splice Pro Series Kit Offers Everything Needed For Line Repair

A unique HNBR seal sleeve dramatically expands the sealing surface and a high-tech anti-vibration tension ring ensures repair durability in heavy vibration automotive applications.

Block Rear A/C Lines with AirSept’s New Terminator Kits

AirSept’s Line Terminator kits, now available in metric sizes, allow shops to block off the line where it splits to go to the rear evaporator. The repair takes no more than five minutes and can be done without removing the line.