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New UV Flashlight from Alert Stamping

The KUV365 UV Curing Light provides 365nm for faster curing time and allows for repositioning before UV hardening.

Alert Lights Up Your Summer Fun

Alert Stamping offers their updated Spot Light and Lantern, helping people enjoy outside activities.

Alert Stamping Offers Versatile Underhood Lighting

Each 1,200-lumen light is detachable and has a fully articulating magnetic base.

Alert Stamping underhood light
Alert Stamping Offers Weatherproof Reels

Bring electricity to vehicles for engine block heaters, power outlets and tool operation.

Alert Stamping Offers Rechargeable Battery Pack Auto Hood Light

The light features 40 cool, energy-efficient LEDs with dual brightness, up to five hours of run time and a rechargeable 5200mAh Li-Ion battery pack.

Alert Stamping Offers Tilt-and-Twist Battery-Operated Task Light

The light features a head that tilts 90° and rotates 360°, a stand-up magnetic base, dual brightness levels and a three-position push switch in the handle.

Alert Stamping Introduces Versatile Rechargeable Hood Light

The bottoms of the clamps are flat so that the light can stand on the ground and light upward and illuminate auto undercarriages. The light can easily be removed from the hood clamping assembly and both ends have magnets and swivel hooks to attach the light virtually anywhere.

Alert Stamping’s 60 LED Cord Reel Task Light Lights Up Your Workspace

Alert Stamping offers its 60 LED Cord Reel Task Light (5050-60L). The light features 60 high-intensity LED lamps, a recessed on/off switch built into the handle and a hanging hook that rotates 360°.