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Embracing Cutting-Edge Solutions the Industry has to Offer

Embracing cutting-edge solutions is strategic and imperative for technicians navigating the constantly changing landscape of automotive maintenance and repair.

Nadine Battah
Hunter Engineering Introduces Hawkeye XL Alignment System

New aligner offers speed, versatility and ease of use, the company says.

Video: Collision Blueprinting with Alignment Equipment

Learn how the ADASLink scan tool leads a tech through the pre-scan and use of extenders and ride height targets.

Video Highlights Benefits of Hofmann Alignment System

The video offers an in-depth look at the geoliner 609 and an overview of how shops can incorporate it into their alignment business.

Video: ADAS Calibrations: 2020 Ford F-150 Surround View Camera

The onscreen guidance of ADASLink eliminates guesswork and ensures a precise and thoroughly documented calibration.

ADAS calibrations: 2020 Ford F-150 surround view camera
COATS Introduces Inspection Lane

Instantly generate a visual selling tool to share alignment and tire health data with your customers.

Looking at Alignment – From a Few Different Angles

Independent shops that are investing in modern alignment equipment are quickly realizing the profit potential that it offers.

Car wheel alignment
Hofmann Adds New Wheel Alignment System

Designed with service technicians in mind, the new Hofmann geoliner 678 wheel alignment system is the newest addition to the Hofmann imaging alignment family.

John Bean V2380 Wheel Alignment System Moves Alignment Business in a New Direction

“The new John Bean V2380 is a versatile aligner that features the latest XD target and camera system, while at the same time, offering the most intuitive, easy-to-operate, industry-leading software that John Bean has ever provided on an aligner.”

CEMB Wheel Alignment System

CEMB introduced a new wheel alignment system designed to maximize labor profits when repairing and calibrating advanced driver-assistance systems.

John Bean Adds New 12K 4-Post Alignment Lift System

Offering 12,000 pounds of heavy-duty lifting capacity in a compact package, the new John Bean 12K 4-Post Alignment Lift System provides shops with premium performance lifting options.

Hunter Engineering’s Tool Brings In More Revenue by Reporting Alignment Machine Utilization

Released in 2011, Hunter’s HawkEye Elite sped alignment service by producing measurements in just 70 seconds and only needing one trip around the vehicle.