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Hunter Engineering Now Provides Online Safety System Alignment Information

Safety system reset (or safety system alignment) is required in conjunction with wheel alignment by many OEMs, ensuring a vehicle’s advanced driver assistance systems perform properly.

Mueller-Kueps Alignment Wrench Facilitates Work on Mercedes Vehicles

This tool can access and adjust the rear axle toe without you having to remove the underbody.

Hunter Engineering Releases Performance-Driven Tool for Inspection Equipment

Push Reports boost shop performance by automatically providing managers with actionable data from their Hunter inspection technology.

Hunter Engineering to Showcase Touchless Inspection Technology at SEMA

Released in July 2018, Quick Check Drive is Hunter’s latest inspection technology that provides instantaneous alignment readings and requires no human involvement.

Intercomp’s Alignment System Allows Repair Shops to Increase Service Offerings

The Intercomp AS2000 is the portable, affordable method to many any auto repair business more profitable.

Hunter Engineering Enhances Connected Equipment Capabilities

HunterNet provides real-time data to shops through equipment results, trends and management reports, allowing businesses to be more productive and profitable through data-driven decisions.

John Bean V6200 Improves Speed of Alignment

This versatile aligner provides precise and accurate alignment readings in as little as four minutes.

John Bean Wheel System Simplifies Alignment

The John Bean V2280 features high-resolution cameras for accurate alignment readings and industry leading fault diagnosis.

CEMB Gives Recommendations on How to Sell Wheel Alignment Service

CEMB gives proven recommendations on how successful alignment shops increase alignment sales and provide the best possible service to their customers to maximize profitability.

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Hunter Releases Educational Video to Answer the Question: Why Do Cars Need Wheel Alignment?

Ignoring the signs of wheel misalignment can result in increased maintenance costs, premature or irregular tire wear resulting in reduced tire life or malfunction of driver assist systems.

Hunter Engineering Offers Compact Inspection Lane Footprint Option

Customers with tighter space requirements in their service drives can now perform Quick Check and Quick Tread inspections.

Hunter Engineering Showcases WinAlign 15.0 Software

Enhancements include support for Safety System Alignment and Quick ID, making it easier to align a vehicle’s advanced driver assistance systems.